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Information overload, data explosion and big data – terms we are now reading about on a daily basis.  It’s no secret that the amount of information that businesses are dealing with today is huge, so huge in fact that the actual size is still difficult to grasp.  But what does this mean to businesses today and should they be concerned?

Our recent State of Information survey found that an unimaginable 2.2 Zettabytes of information is stored by businesses.  To try and put this in context, imagine filling the Empire State building with one page documents – 1,287 times – or getting every grain of sand in the world and multiplying the amount by 300.

And it’s continuing to skyrocket.  In fact, over the next year information is expected to grow 67% for enterprises and 178% for SMEs.  Yet for most businesses, storing all this data isn’t a concern anymore as it’s easy to increase storage space in the cloud. However, where businesses are still falling short is when it comes to effectively managing and securing all this data. The reality is that bad management is either leading organisations to spend far more than necessary on storing and protecting their information or worse ignoring the problem and not doing either.

A key issue that has been identified is information sprawl – the overwhelming growth of unstructured information that is disorganised, difficult to access and often duplicated elsewhere.  Companies believe that nearly half (42%) of their information is duplicated, meaning they are paying to store and manage much more information than they need to.

The dog days are over – time to change those pet-based passwords

Having a weak password is making life easy for them and essentially freeing up their time to go on intruding on many more accounts. So it’s important that we give serious thought to the passwords we use, veering away from the more obvious choices such as birthdays, pets, favourite sports teams and other topics close to our hearts. The more obscure and unrelated to us that a password is, and the more unusual, the harder it will be for a hacker to break. Combining numbers and letters provides additional complexity, as does changing the case of the characters. Avoiding writing down passwords and changing them at regular intervals will also bolster our protection from cyber criminals.

At best, a weak password is tempting fate, and at worst, it is providing a welcome sign to criminals looking for easy access into our personal information. Make sure you do all you can in protecting yourself from this threat.

Superior Web Design Melbourne Can Improve the Appeal of Your Website

Superior Web Design Melbourne Can Improve the Appeal of Your Website

If you are like many other business owners, you may be focused on an education, information or sales-oriented website for your business. You may want to explain your services to your customers, or you may have detailed product descriptions with the hopes of encouraging online sales. While you may be largely focused on your text when designing your website, the fact is that the overall appeal of your website’s design will play a critical role in your results. Web design Melbourne services can be used to effectively improve the appeal of your website for your benefit, and there are several reasons why the appeal of your website is critical to its ability to serve your needs. 

A key element in creating appeal for your website is defining who your target audience is. Keep in mind that the overall appeal of a website will vary greatly if you are appealing to young adults versus retirees or others, for example. You want to choose colors, fonts and even images that appeal to them. Your text should correspond with these elements to create a cohesive look and feel. Professional web design Melbourne services will focus on these factors.

In addition, web design Melbourne at GMG Web also will create a website that is visually appealing. Consider that your users will likely click away from your website almost immediately if they feel that the website is too confusing, cluttered or otherwise unpleasant. Your website should give them an enjoyable experience. It should be easy to navigate and to locate information so that it is not frustrating for them. Each page should be appropriately designed with these elements in mind. Your web design Melbourne specialist will focus on each of these elements carefully to help you achieve better results. 

Your online presence is more than just a virtual listing with your phone number and physical address. It is a true sales and marketing tool that you can use effectively. However, if you want it to be as effective as possible, it simply needs to be appealing and pleasant as well as informative. The best idea is for you to work with a professional web design Melbourne specialist who can create a website that is visually appealing, easy to navigate and focused on selling your products or services. You can request a consultation with a designer to get started.